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Terms of use


Do you like clarity? Me too. Tell me about your project in detail to receive a free quote. Signed and returned by e-mail, the quote serves as a contract.


En signing a contract, you also agree to have read and accept the general conditions of use, including, among other things, payment terms (see below)


Everything is included in the price. The proposed price includes, in addition to the text, the time spent on our interviews, the processing of your data (briefing, company information, old advertising campaigns) and any changes made to the final work.


To achieve a goal, you must first determine it. The quality of your briefing is therefore decisive. Take the time to outline your project and write your instructions precisely, including the following:

  • The target audience: age, gender, social class, interests, etc.

  • The type of service: design-editing, transcreation, web editing, reformulation or correction, video or audio creation, language courses, etc.

  • Use: TV spot, press ad, website, web banner, 4×3 poster, e-mailing, brochure, press release, speech, etc.

  • The objective of the campaign: launch a product, increase sales, boost your notoriety, raise awareness of a subject, etc.

  • Specific instructions: text structure, campaign context, legal restrictions, etc.

  • The tone: hard-hitting, fun, serious, etc.

  • The volume of text: a slogan, a title + a body copy, 800 words, etc.

  • The deadline: day, date and time (CET) of the deadline.

In addition to the briefing, please send me the information necessary for the writing: presentation of the company, characteristics of the product or service, old advertising campaigns, etc.


E-mail, telephone, videoconference or meeting at your premises: you choose your preferred mode of communication yourself.


I work with Microsoft Office 


You receive your texts:

  • By email

  • Within the agreed time

  • In the desired format (Word, Excel, PDF...).


My objective ? Your satisfaction. If you wish to make changes to the final text, you can request changes within 7 days of delivery, at no additional cost.


You make payment by bank transfer within 4 weeks of receipt of the invoice. I will send you the invoice and my bank details during the month of delivery. The invoice closes the contract. In the absence of payment within the set deadline, a penalty rate of 10% of the total of the invoice per month of delay is applied without prior reminder. Thank you for understanding.

Do you have any questions? 
Contact me.

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