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providing you with excellent language assistance, which will perfectly meet your expectations concerning international communication

Coucher de soleil sur la jetée Vivien Dirat

About me

My name is Vivien Dirat and my passion for languages is unlimited.


I have a double degree in Sales and Tourist Productions and in Languages and Cultures of the Germanic Worlds.


I have acquired a rich and varied professional experience working in France, Scotland, Spain and Germany.

In addition to my skills, abilities and personal qualities, my language skills are a major asset to my professional profile.


I am fluent in six languages, which allows me to communicate easily with foreign clients and to adapt to their specific needs.

My travels to more than forty countries have allowed me to understand the importance of intercultural communication and to adapt to different contexts.

For the past three years, I have been working professionally as a teacher, writer, translator and editor in French, English and German.

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