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My services

Top-of-the-range services at fair prices!

All services are offered in 3 languages
French <> English <> German  

Here is the list below of the services that I offer to boost your visibility and your business.

7 additional informations to know

1. Please take into account that for creative services, I offer you an hourly price of 100€. Why? Because to write or create, you have to have the idea!

In addition, each mission requires the following steps:

  • Read and write emails

  • Breaking down a briefing

  • Do research

  • Write, proofread and correct my work

  • Establish a bill.

All creation services are therefore billed by the hour (100€) with a minimum of one hour: 

  • transcreation (creation of new content in the target language, based on your original idea or text) 

  • web content (post and blog)

  • video or audio creation (welcome video, explanatory audio document, etc.)

2. An emergency? No problem...

Do you want delivery as soon as possible? I suggest the following solutions:​

  • Express (within 6 hours): + 100%

  • Within 24 hours: +75%

  • Within 48 hours: + 50%

  • Weekends: +200%.

3. For proofreading : $0.05/word

4. My rates include VAT and :

  • The time devoted to our interviews

  • The processing of the data provided (briefing, presentation, advertising)

  • Any changes made to the final work.

5. Whether you are an individual or an agency, the rates mentioned here are part of a fair approach and accessible to all. Therefore, I do not make price differences between agency and individual.

6. Don't forget that I am self-employed and therefore I remain open to any proposals or desires that are not presented here.

7. Need me for a whole day? Daily rate is 400€ including taxes.

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