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Because it is essential to speak other languages!

An individual and accurate communication is the key to your success  

My services will allow you:

  • to better communicate with international customers.

  • to learn a language.

  • improve the overall customer experience.

  • to increase satisfaction and loyalty, as well as the chances of recommendation.

  • increase your sales and revenue.

Vivien Dirat Traducteur Interprète représentant multilingue


Already more than 500,000 words translated!

  • Travel agent at LB Voyages in Cugnaux (31).

  • Front Desk Manager at the Holiday Inn Express in Edinburgh, Scotland.

  • Cabin Crew at Lufthansa. Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

  • Translation internship (online) translation, content writing, proofreading and SEO (German>French)

  • Sales Representative, translator and interpreter Metallbau Emmeln

  • Multiple translations and multilingual services for platforms and private companies (ex: website's translation Chiropractik Zentrum Wiesbaden(German>English)



  • Degree in Sales and Tourism Productions at ESARC  Toulouse.


My skills

  • Extensive knowledge of French, English and German.

  • Ability to translate business documents such as brochures, catalogs and websites.

  • Knowledge of the cultures and customs of different countries.

  • Ability to communicate effectively with international customers and business partners.

  • Flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of each client.

  • Professionalism and responsiveness. 



Chiropractik Zentrum Wiesbaden

We appreciated  his professionalism, the quality of his translations and above all his seriousness.


Vivien Dirat  demonstrates autonomy and an extraordinary spirit of initiative. He is reliable, honest and exemplary. We no longer hesitate to place an order with him.


Metallbau Emmeln

We would like to thank Vivien Dirat for this exceptionally successful and constantly productive cooperation.
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